Beg Me to Take You

The party was busy with over a hundred guests; some dancing, whilst others were drinking and chatting. I heard the sound of London accents, escorts, wives and guys laughter coming from two upstairs rooms I passed. I was making my way to the third door on the left upstairs; my instructions were clearly given by Philip, but he would not be present. After the declaration from Philip there were plenty of swingers, I knew the people behind those doors were having sex. I wasn’t shocked, but it made me think of my morals. I don’t think I would be that way inclined when I was older, and after having children. That’s if, I every get the opportunity.

I knocked on the door and opened it. I peered round the door to see my next client of the night. Matthew was standing, looking out of the window at the fog outside.

“I liked watching you and my dad having sex, but it is my turn now. It will be a very different experience. I want to get you to the stage where you almost have to beg me to take you.”

I felt a sensual thrill run through me. Matthew wanted a challenge. Well, he was in the right place, and with the right escort for a personal sexual challenge!

Matthew unzipped my gown and I stepped out of it. He unhooked my bra and let his fingers trace my curves slowly. He wasn’t going to rush this. Then he placed his hands on either side of my hips, smiled, and tugged my knickers down gently, so I could step out of them. His face was now at crotch level, and I hoped he could not see the fact my pussies was already wet with anticipation. He glanced at my lips, before picking up my knickers. Then he pressed the soft silk to his face, inhaling deeply.

“I like your body and I love your scent. It is subtle,” he declared, as he stood there, his erection bobbing in front of him. I wanted to touch him, but he stepped back slightly, and asked me to stand facing the bed. I obliged immediately, wondering what would happen next.

I gasped as Matthew kissed the side of each buttock and then forced his tongue deep between my cheeks. As he licked my asshole, he sighed. Like most girls in London escorts included I just love having my arse hole licked and sucked, I could feel his hands holding my legs, trembling as he carried on this most intimate of tonguing. I knew why he was doing this; he wanted to take me there.

His dad took my pussy, but he wanted me anally. I was ready for that, but I guessed Matthew wasn’t in any rush to take me, just yet.