I looked around the crowded bar and wished I’d suggested somewhere quieter to meet. This was a classy, high-end bar, but a barrister I had once serviced, was now on her hen night. I had heard through the grapevine she was marrying her female partner, and I had sent her a message to wish her well. However, I had no idea her hen night would be at this establishment.

She noticed me and raised a glass, so I waved back at her but did not approach her group. The pink hats and sashes looked out of place here and I noticed it was becoming rowdy. Couples were leaving and I grabbed a table as far away as possible from them after picking up my Hendricks and tonic.

I heard my phone beep and checked the message. My client was going to be horribly delayed after an accident on the A4. My policy is to be early and this was a good client of my escort agency. “Don’t worry as I can push this back half-an-hour anyway, so get here when you can.” That was the best I could do as it only gave me a further half-hour before I met Josh.

I sipped my gin and tonic, and found that Emily, the barrister was making her way towards me, through the crowd. I explained my appointment was going to be very late, so I would be here on my lonesome. “Do you fancy an appointment before that, Emma?” Emily asked slowly.

I glanced at her bulging cleavage and knew that wasn’t all of her own making. She noticed the look. “Well, I’d like one last squeeze of your gorgeous breasts and a different female tongue down there before I’m married.” I ran my tongue lightly and deliberately over my lips and Emily flushed.

She was not at all ashamed of her overtures, so I told her to wait for five minutes and then go into the furthest cubicle and I would be along shortly after that. I explained I was only half-way through my drink.

I didn’t rush the Hendricks. It was too nice to be slurped. When I did finish, I popped in an extra strong mint which would add to Emily’s pleasure and was about to go to the rest room, when I heard a breathless voice behind me.

It was my client. I looked at him, smiled, and looked back towards the toilets. “Let’s split from here then. There’s a hen night on, and it might just get too rowdy.”

I linked his arm and left, without a backwards glance. I wondered how long Emily would be waiting in her cubicle!